Kim has been featured in The Guardian newspaper, Grazia Magazine, The Independent newspaper, Fate & Fortune Magazine, and been interviewed on LBC radio. Over the years she has given many private sessions as well as psychic readings at celebrity events. Kim has read for Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Jemima French with other celebrity actresses and models at the Soho Hotel. Bulgari jewelers to the stars celebrity baby shower at Claridges Hotel photographed by Vogue. Kim was the psychic at the Moulin Rouge film premier party where Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were present and has performed as a psychic at Tate Modern.
— Kim Alexis

Treatment of the Month - Kim Alexis, Crystal Healing
Article publish date : June 2018
Author : James Gill

There’s a chance you’ve seen the excellent Mitchell & Webb sketch ‘Homeopathic Hospital’ (and if you haven’t, you must. It’s on YouTube and is a treat). It’s an affectionate swipe at any sort of medicine or healing that’s deemed alternative. “Oh, his chakras are fading,” deadpans David Mitchell’s doctor as a patient clings to life in A&E.    

The double act would have a field day with crystal healing, something Balance underwent recently. However, as practitioner Kim Alexis explains to us, crystal healing isn’t claiming to be anything it’s not. ‘It’s a gentle treatment,” Kim explains following a one-on-one healing session at her serene Belsize Park studio. ‘It’s like a massage.’

And Kim, an enormously likeable woman to boot, has summed it up perfectly. Crystal healing is for when you’re feeling jaded, missing your mojo or in need of realignment. While Kim has witnessed instances of miraculous recoveries from aches, pains and even ovarian cysts, generally speaking, a healing session is more like a top-to-toe MOT. As an international-level over-thinker, I came away unquestionably calmer, with the following day markedly different in terms of peace of mind.

A session starts with a chat, as Kim ascertains how you’re feeling and why, in order to know which stones to use for the treatment. You then lie on a table and close your eyes as Kim surrounds your body with quartz crystals for general healing, and places other, more specific gems and stones on your chakra points (root, belly, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown). Within moments, I've drifted out of consciousness. Thoughts and visions are vivid and striking yet, regrettably, the specifics have gone upon waking more than half an hour later.

What’s striking about Kim is how grounded she is. She talks matter-of-factly about crystals in the same way you and I might talk about the meat section in Aldi (have you been? It’s amazing. But that is for another time). As Kim explains, each crystal contains a different mineral, with different minerals providing different qualities for mind, body and soul. As someone who talks professionally, Kim places kyanite on my throat 'for speaking truth’ (my wife will be pleased), as well as larimar, which aids with ‘unresolved issues’.

‘Unresolved issues’? Well, during our initial chat, Kim said something in the most casual manner possible: ‘Your father left when you were a child.’ And added: ‘That’s why you feel abandoned.’ She has clean-bowled me. Middle stump cartwheeling towards the pavilion. Did I mention Kim is also a psychic? I didn’t, did I? Perhaps that too is for another time.


Workshop @ Soho House, London - Review

Article publish date : August 2018
Author : Samantha Simmonds

Excerpt from the full story, at Refinery29

“London medium, hypnotherapist, crystal healer and teacher Kim Alexis agrees that some of us are more psychic than others. "A highly sensitive person will feel how another person feels, and sense the atmosphere in a room," she adds. Kim honed her own psychic powers on clients like Kate Moss. Now, she’s offered to help me develop mine.

So I’ve either got it or I haven’t? Not necessarily. "Intuition is like a muscle," says Kim. "With specific exercises, I can train anyone to be psychic." She leads weekly psychic development classes in north London and biannual 'awakening' retreats in Sardinia. Will you see dead people? Probably not: not everyone is cut out to be a spiritual medium. But with practice, Kim reckons, anyone can learn to see, sense and 'know' things – about themselves, friends, partners and even perfect strangers. "Developing your intuition can transform your life," she says. "It helps you let go of old behaviours and ways of thinking and feeling."

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Soul & Spirit Magazine - Your Spiritual Life Coach

Article publish date : Nov 2018
Author : Kim Alexis

Unedited advice below, edited and published in Soul and Spirit Magazine, Nov 2018 issue.

Q “I’m going in to hospital for an operation on my knee soon. What crystals can I take with me to keep me positive, uplifted and healthy?”

A “I'm sorry to hear you are going in to hospital to have an operation on your knee, I can really relate as a few years ago I had keyhole surgery on my knee.

Crystals are a wonderful aid in helping to make us feel save and calm as well as speeding up the healing process of tissue and bones as they emit a healing energy frequency. Firstly I would acquire some Aventurine, Malachite (contains copper good for bones) and Blood Stone (detoxifying) these will assist with healing tissue and swelling having anti-inflammatory effects, some Hematite would be good too to keep you grounded, protected and also helps with blood. 

I would use Clear Quartz as it's a master healer, Rose Quartz which is good for skin and Amethyst as they are both very soothing and calming along with Blue Lace Agate these could be placed under your pillow and if you are really anxious then some Pink Lepidolite or Blue Tourmaline they both contain lithium which balances the emotions like stress and depression.

If you have bandages around your knee you could try placing some of the above mentioned as tiny small tumble stones in the bandages. Cleanse your crystals first under running water, then holding in your hands (attune them) ask they be used for your highest good.”

Another thing you could do is make a crystal spray. Place some of the crystals in a glass of water, do not drink it as some crystals can be toxic, place in the sun for an hour or in moonlight, do not leave too long in the sun as some crystals like Rose Quartz and Amethyst will colour fade.

Take the crystals out then add a few drops of lavender essential oil into the water which helps to calm and aids sleep, pour into a clean small spray bottle, you can then use this to spray around you in hospital.

You'll soon be running around in no time!

Kim Alexis Has 20 years’ experience as a crystal healer, psychic spiritual medium, past life regressionist and clinical hypnotherapist disclosing valuable information to assist clients with their present life circumstances, and healing mind, body and soul.

She runs crystal workshops as well as psychic development retreats in Sardinia Italy. She has a busy healing practice in central London.  

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