Bank Holiday Bliss


Why we have Bank Holidays and the reason we really need them


I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the moment you click ‘Shut Down’ on your work machines for the last time, walk out of your office and never look back (well, at least not until Tuesday). But have you ever stopped to think why there’s a Bank Holiday to look forward to? We have John Lubbock to thank for our long weekends. The Liberal MP tabled the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 to allow workers to have a break. 

He definitely had the right idea. We need desperately to allow ourselves to switch off, to take the pressure off. It’s not only important for our minds but also for our bodies to de-stress. When we’re constantly in fight or flight mode, we open ourselves up to anxiety, insomnia, stress, all the modern-age diseases. We need time to chill out and do the things we love, whether that’s being with our family, sitting in the park on a sunny afternoon, or just reading a good book. We need to take time to get back to who we are, not having to do for anybody else. This might sound selfish, but it’s not; it’s self care.

Some of us need to set boundaries and not let ourselves be taken advantage of when we take on too much work so we can’t cope. How many of you have been in the scenario where you’ve worked hard to complete your tasks for the day only for your boss to pop up five minutes before home time with one more task? You’re made to feel obligated to stay late and cancel your personal plans just because you want to please your boss. Some of these matters can be addressed through inner child therapy, where you discover you were a people-pleaser as a child, always wanting to please your parents, always going the extra mile because you needed to be praised or seen. But you never felt like you were good enough. This can spill into the jobs we do, where we still want to be seen, praised and validated. Yet nothing comes from the external, despite how hard you work at trying to please your boss or impress your colleagues. It’s the inner self that needs to be looked at. From there, things can improve.

Hypnotherapy and Crystal Healing are two extremely useful treatments that can help tackle these issues. Hypnotherapy can alleviate insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, and even anger issues – for those especially irritating colleagues…

Crystal healing is like having an MOT to bring the body back into balance. We have several energy points (chakras) in the body that, when stressed, become out of alignment. Crystal Healing can restore harmony in the mind-body connection, releasing a buildup of stress energy within the aura, so you feel as though a weight of negative energy has been lifted off of you.

So chill out, rest up, forget about work and just be in the moment. Enjoy your Bank Holiday and beyond!

* If you require help with any of these issues, please contact me to find out more.